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Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast

Mar 10, 2020

Today, Darcy is chatting with long time friend and fellow postpartum doula, Krista Maltais.  Krista has been a doula for 14 years, and is now also a DONA Postpartum Doula Trainer as well.  Darcy and Krista bond over their love of their work supporting new mothers.  They also share their history of working together to build awareness of postpartum doulas in their community.  In this episode, they discuss the importance of finding other doulas for support and focusing on collaboration over competition. If you’ve ever considered being a doula, then this episode is for YOU!


Listen in as these two mothers and doulas chat all things from motherhood to having their dream jobs of supporting mothers and building a successful and fulfilling doula business.



Episode Breakdown:


  • How they met
  • What made Krista become a postpartum doula
  • The interesting journey of becoming a postpartum doula before motherhood and how that changed after motherhood.
  • Postpartum hormones and the power of speaking in short sentences. 
  • The Imposter Syndrome - Being a Doula without being a Parent 
  • Boundary setting in motherhood 
  • How to effectively ask for help
  • The power of a postpartum doula for a family - a non judgmental, trusted resource with no family baggage.
  • Training other postpartum doulas - All new parents need support
  • The struggle of being a parent in today's culture
  • Implementing business strategies to find clients - The Postpartum Doula Academy
  • Is becoming a Doula right for you?
  • The power of making your own schedule
  • DONA - Becoming a Postpartum Doula
  • How to find Krista’s Postpartum Doula Trainings
  • Relief Parenting Center 
  • Importance of in person mom connections - mom groups



Key Takeaway: If you’re feeling called to becoming a doula, follow that call! It takes time BUT if it's something that is pulling you, explore it and connect with people.  Take the training and know that families need your help!




Your Birth Your Worth Podcast



Darcy Sauers






Krista Maltais