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Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast

Jun 12, 2019

In today’s episode, Darcy spoke with Lindsey Mathews, the founder and CEO of BirthFit. Lindsey is also a Doctor of Chiropractic, Birth Doula, Strength and Conditioning Coach, NLP Practitioner and a Yoga Instructor. BirthFit is a revolutionary company that supports and educates women throughout their transition into motherhood. With an array of online and in-person programs, experiences, and workshops, BirthFit strives to give women access to free information so they can make informed decisions regarding their pregnancy. Lindsey was inspired to create BirthFit when she realized that the medical community wasn’t giving parents necessary information and emotional support throughout their pregnancy.


Key Takeaway: Pregnancy is not a time to sit back and rely solely on the medical establishment. It’s a time to get to know more holistic and healing practices and learn to listen to your body’s innate wisdom.



  • Birthfit is a company that seeks to educate and empower people with both online and in-person programs and experiences surrounding pregnancy and birth.
  • When it comes to pregnancy and birth, there is a whole world of information that people don’t have access to. To gain access to all the information out there, parents need to search for it online and in their community, not just rely on what they hear in hospital settings.
  • Our society programs women to view birth as scary and painful, but in reality giving birth can be a strong and empowering experience.
  • Society is often so focused on what’s good for the baby, we forget to ask about what’s good for the mother and her body, especially postpartum.
  • Women get little time to recover from giving birth, especially when compared to the average healing time for a typical surgery. Don’t feel ashamed to take the first year to heal and reconnect with your body after giving birth.
  • After giving birth, the birthing parents health is often disregarded. In order to remedy this, Birthfit created classes that allow new parents to get back in touch with their needs and wants.


Your Birth Your Worth Podcast


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