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Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast

May 22, 2019

In today’s episode, Darcy welcomes Sheila Kamara Hay to show. As the founder of Ecstatic Birth, Sheila empowers women around the globe to understand and honor their feminine flow and locate their fierce feminine power while they birth their babies. Sheila trains birth practitioners and expectant moms around the globe to integrate the most holistic birthing tool, pleasure, in birth preparation and support. Whether you are birthing a baby or your soul’s work, birth is a journey to be thoroughly enjoyed, rather than endured. Sheila is passionate about reclaiming and honoring birth as a sacred rite of passage.

Today you will hear Shelia talk about what exactly an Ecstatic Birth is, how you can achieve one, and why rejecting fear and channeling pleasure instead might just change your life forever.


Key Takeaway: When women connect to their bodies and allow themselves to feel deep, spiritual pleasure, they can unlock an incredibly powerful channel of self-love, gratitude, and empowerment. Honoring your feminine power and your sacred sexuality can allow your body to better transcend the pains of labor and birth and shape your postpartum experience for the better.



  • Why there is a stigma about enjoying your birth?
  • The Ecstatic Revolution of women’s
  • The gifts and possibilities of birth
  • Sheila’s birthing experience and the reclamation of her body
  • Learning to connect to your body and opening channels of pleasure consciously
  • Honoring your Sacred Sexuality
  • Immerse yourself in the community, stories, and images of positive pleasurable birth experiences
  • Understanding you’ve been raised in a fear-based culture
  • How to switch your mindset for the future


Your Birth Your Worth Podcast



Darcy Sauers





Sheila Kamara Hay




Instagram: @ecstaticbirth