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Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast

May 1, 2019

On today’s episode, Taylor welcomes Te-Ana Souffrant to the show. As a full spectrum birth and postpartum doula, she is also the founder of The Arch App, an app which connects birthing families to birth professionals and local resources in their communities. Te-Ana created the app to bridge access to resources around labor, birth, postpartum and maternal health to those who both want and need it. By sharing classes, workshops, and doulas in countless cities, Arch App is the go-to resource for anyone seeking quality, personalized care!

In this episode Taylor and Te-Ana discuss the importance of birthing people having power over their decisions, experiences, and bodies. They talk about why black women are suffering at the hands of the healthcare system, being allies to marginalized communities, and how everyone deserves accessible, affordable care from providers they trust.


Key Takeaway: It’s time to put the power back into hands if people who need it! When we open our eyes to the unjust treatment and systemic abuse of vulnerable individuals and communities within the US, we can start to provide the love and support to families in need of quality healthcare.



  • Te-Ana’s birth stories and the unnecessary medical procedures/appointments she was subjected to
  • The growing trend of hospitals taking advantage of their patients
  • The disparity in the maternal mortality rate in America between black women and white women
  • How to change the trajectory of your family and frame the future for your children
  • Developing empathy and awareness of individuals from different socio-economical classes than you
  • Systemic problems/obstacles within marginalized communities
  • Is a doula work sustainable?
  • Full spectrum doula care
  • How the Arch App can help you


Your Birth Your Worth Podcast



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Te-Ana Souffrant