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Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast

Apr 10, 2019

In today’s episode, Darcy welcomes Kate Northrup to the show. As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and mother, Kate’s mission is to support ambitious, motivated and successful women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. In her new book Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms, Kate provides a practical and spiritual guide for working moms to learn how to have more by doing less. Full of strategies and concrete tools, Do Less is a book for working women and mothers who want to shake off the culturally inherited belief that their worth is equal to their productivity, and instead build a personal and professional life that's based on presence, meaning, and joy.

In this episode you will hear Kate and Darcy discuss the benefits of embracing the female cycle, Kate’s unique birth experiences, and how our birth experiences affect so much of our lives.

Key Takeaway: Tapping into our feminine cycles and managing our energy instead of our time makes life easier.


  • Productivity does not dictate your worth
  • Tapping into Your Menstrual Cycle/Managing your energy, not your time
  • How to embrace the “dark side of the moon” to your benefit
  • Birth expectations vs reality
  • Kate’s unexpected complications during her first birth
  • The rawness of the immediate time after birth
  • Working on protecting your boundaries and speaking up about your needs during labor.
  • The power dynamic between healthcare providers and mothers.
  • How a birth doula can support you so that you only have to focus on laboring
  • Why some people feel unworthy of postpartum doula support
  • Motherhood and feeling out of control
  • The fear that comes with being a new mother
  • Enjoying some stages of motherhood more than others
  • Managing your energy and tending to your body’s needs
  • The pressure that society puts on mothers


Your Birth Your Worth Podcast


Darcy Sauers




Kate Northrup


Twitter: @katenorthrup