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Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast

Jul 10, 2019

In today’s episode, Taylor offers her 5 steps to overcoming and managing your VBAC fears. After seeing the popularity of the previous VBAC episodes, Taylor decided to devote an entire episode to make sure you all felt prepared when planning your next VBAC. We seem to forget that it is absolutely normal to get scared sometimes. It’s necessary for our evolution and personal development to experience fear and anxiety after/before stressful situations. That being said, we do have a responsibility to process this pain it in order to manage it and eventually grow from it. Giving yourself permission to take the time to face these fears is no simple feat though. It takes time, love, and patience to step into those thoughts. But, by following Taylor’s steps, you can begin your journey to start working on those fears, eventually breaking them down, and reclaiming the joy associated with giving birth.


In this episode, Taylor will focus on how to process your VBAC fears, how to manage them, and how to create your own “Rallying Team.”


Key Takeaway: When fear starts to infiltrate into our thinking, the first instinct is to push it down and out of sight. The problem is, when we do that, that fear isn’t being processed and will continue to bubble up unexpectantly in our day to day lives. By getting honest with our fears, taking the time to identify and process the reasons behind it, we can actually start to overcome this particular fear. Our minds need information, support, validation, and closure into order to truly eradicate certain fears that dominate our thinking. It doesn’t necessarily mean it goes away permanently, but you do have the tools to manage them accordingly, and not let it control your life.



  • Revisit episodes 4 and 11 for previous VBAC episodes
  • What is a VBAC clarity session?
  • Fear is reasonable and there to tell you something.
  • Uncover and explore your fear
  • Recognize those physical changes that happens when fear creeps in
  • What effect is this fear having on your life?
  • Information to address fear- processing the past and moving forward
  • Perceived risk of VBACs
  • Share your story safely
  • Create a “Rallying Team”
  • Identifying potentially triggers and sharing them with your team
  • Make a plan for triggers
  • Use the template!



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